The photos are enlargements on aluminium with hanger at the verso.

My photos are taken with a Nikon D3200 reflex camera without filter or other manipulation. They are from the Western Coast of Norway, from Fedje where I live, from Reksta, Kinn, Selje, or Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland.

Rock and stone are almost everywhere on those places. We see them and
we see them not. We «use» stone and rock. We walk on them, lift, break, smash, shutter, throw, build, pile. I display photos of stone to allow us a closer look. Stone is durable and beautiful, although not in the same way as many other objects are beautiful – a rose bud, for instance. Stone is rough and unrefined nature. Stone does not become cultivated even if we build a house, a foundation wall, a fence or a bridge of it. Stone is created and recreated slowly in contact with air, water, wind and
vegetation. And stone provides us with associations. Its pattern, color, shape, lines remind us of something. Sometimes we even sense a kind of community with stone and rock. Some of us collect stones because we like their shape and beauty. A stone might feel good to hold in my hand as it has been shaped and polished by sea and wind during time. If you look closer at the stone photos you might discover that stone and rock are more and different from what you this far have believed.
Truly to look at stone might let us discover things about the stone as well as about ourselves.

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